What is SaaS Paths?

SaaS Paths helps you discover better ways to onboard customers by showing you how proven SaaS products do it.

Hey, I'm Ramy, the creator of SaaS Paths. While this site is brand spanking new, it's been years in the making.

About five years ago, soon after I started working in tech, I became addicted to downloading apps and signing up to new products to go through their user flows and hunt for novel & interesting interactions.

A couple of years later, I figured that others might be interested in seeing the user flows I was exploring, so I started recording them and sharing them online.

Today I run a site called Page Flows, where hundreds of designers & product people research and find inspiration from that huge library of user flow videos.

Page Flows covers consumer apps as well as B2B SaaS products. We showcase user flows like onboarding, upgrading, inviting people, cancelling, as well more niche user flows like "booking a hotel room." It's perfect for designers & product people who benefit from seeing a wide range of interactions and keeping up with design trends.

That brings us to SaaS Paths.

B2B SaaS is a huge and growing category and it's only get more interesting, valuable, and competitive.

Customer onboarding, in my humble opinion, is the most important user flow to get right, especially in SaaS. Better onboarding increases the chances of your customers finding success, which leads to improved retention, less churn, and a healthier business.

SaaS Paths is where I go deeper on SaaS onboarding.

Every week, I pick one or two proven SaaS products and record myself going through their onboarding flows.

I publish those recordings with screenshots of any onboarding emails they send and include some of my opinions on what was great about the process and what could be improved.

Whether you're a SaaS founder, designer, or you're focussed on marketing & growth, seeing how proven products onboard their customers will help you discover better ways to onboard your own customers and improve their chances of success.

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